In any busy medical facility — surgeries, dental practices or physiotherapy suites — it’s all too easy to accidentally leave a door unlocked. With expensive equipment or controlled drugs on the other side, any opening invites an opportunist. But if you install a Code Handle electronic PIN lock, you need never worry again.

The secure, easy-to-fit Code Handle fits right over an existing locking cylinder. You simply swap the door handle for a sleek, low-profile Code Handle, and fix it in place with two screws, to instantly add PIN security to any consultation room, medicine store or equipment cupboard.

With Code Handle, there is no wiring and no expensive access control to fit. Two standard batteries (CR2) slot inside the handle, typically lasting 30,000 lock/unlock cycles before replacement. Your Code Handle comes with a master code and 9 different user PINs — it’s that simple to free staff from the inconvenience of carrying or keeping track of mechanical keys. PINs are easy to set and change whenever an office manager decides. Staff won’t need any specialist or outside help to manage your Code Handle doors.

The Code Handle integrated PIN keypad is equally easy for users. Anyone authorised enters their 4-digit code on the handle to unlock the door. Doctors, nurses and other professionals, as well as admin staff, practice managers, security guards and cleaning teams, come and go with their own PINs.

For added security and peace of mind, a Code Handle locks itself when the door closes. Now you can be sure nobody has seen the confidential patient file on your desk or entered the drug cupboard without permission.

Which doors need a Code Handle?

In any healthcare facility, not all staff should have access to every room. You don’t want just anyone walking in on your consultation. Doctors and patients expect privacy. With Code Handle rooms remain confidential.

Where do you keep controlled drugs or hazardous waste bins? Fit a Code Handle so you no longer need to track a physical key or get the lock changed when it goes missing.

And many treatment and examination rooms house expensive or dangerous equipment, including X-ray machines, dental tools and specialist physiotherapy kit. With Code Handle, all this gets the extra level of security it deserves — without the expense of fitting access control.

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