Helvar says that its digital services, Helvar Insights, is now available for its ActiveAhead solution, meaning customers can now have one user interface showing Helvar Insights for Imagine, ActiveAhead or a hybrid lighting control system.

The same user interface and features available to existing Helvar Insights customers using Helvar’s wired Imagine lighting control systems can now be used to get the same efficiency, sustainability and wellbeing insights from Helvar’s wireless ActiveAhead lighting control systems.

With energy prices increasing and with an ethical responsibility to save energy from a sustainability perspective and as a way of helping to ensure a secure energy supply, understanding how customers lighting system uses energy is an important part of their facility management process.

Helvar Insights is a secure, cloud-based solution that keeps customers connected to their building 24/7. It allows customers to take advantage of the existing lighting control sensors in their Helvar lighting control system to give valuable Occupancy Insights, helping customers to understand how their building is used and how they could optimise the space. With real-time alerts and recommended actions to help diagnose or resolve the issue, Helvar Insights helps maximise operational productivity and improve building efficiency and end-user satisfaction through intelligence and analytics. The simple interface includes floorplan graphics to monitor single or multiple sites throughout the lifecycle of the building, from any location and at any time.

Helvar is now adding Lighting Energy Monitoring and Operating Hours to the list of features already available in the Helvar Insights platform. Helvar Insights monitors energy use from customer’s Helvar lighting control system. The simple dashboard allows customers to analyse lighting energy usage in the whole building or specific space types, such as, meeting rooms or in single spaces.

Operating hours allow customers to monitor the usage of their luminaires and raise an alert when it is time to consider a replacement or can assist in being a valuable maintenance tool to measure the actual life of their devices. The Energy Monitoring & Operating Hours solutions are available for both DALI-2 drivers compliant with DiiA part 252 & 253 specifications and non-DALI-2 drivers.