Helvar has launched its DALI-2 Imagine 950 Solution. The 950 Router is a certified DALI-2 multi-master application controller.

“This is a proud moment and a great achievement for us. Helvar has a long history of innovation in DALI based controls. Now with DALI-2, it allows our benefits and expertise to be brought into the DALI-2 offering,” highlights Thet Oo, director of wired solutions, Helvar. “DALI-2 to the already hugely successful Helvar Imagine Router Solution through products, such as the newly launched flagship 950 Router – our fully-fledged certified DALI-2 Multi-master Application Controller.”

As Helvar’s DALI-2 950 Router is compatible with the current Imagine solution, it delivers an easy to install and scalable product, which can be used in a wide variety of applications. The DALI capacity of the 950 Router means that it has the most connectivity in a single hardware reducing complexity and is, therefore, easier to manage, commission and maintain.

A simple example of an added benefit beyond the standard is the ability for Helvar Imagine to easily and significantly scale far beyond the standard 16 lighting groups limited by DALI/ DALI-2. The solution can go up to 65,000 groups at a system level and 255 groups at a DALI network level, providing the unique ability to deliver mega-projects on DALI, such as the new Istanbul airport. Further added benefits include Imagine’s ability to integrate and connect to other building systems and data services for intelligent building optimisation and analytics.