Helvar has launched the ActiveAhead Node Sense which it says is the smallest lighting sensor with inbuilt wireless connectivity in the market.

Helvar ActiveAhead is an intelligent and scalable wireless lighting solution. Its self-learning capabilities give efficiency, both in setup and operations. The company says that ActiveAhead will continuously learn and generate insights, maximising positive impact on wellbeing and optimising ever-evolving smart buildings.

ActiveAhead Node Sense can easily be integrated into almost any luminaire. Wirelessly networked ActiveAhead Nodes use a smart AI algorithm to learn how a space is used. The luminaires collect data from their sensors as well as from the other luminaires that surround them. The nodes communicate with each other and learn the patterns of how the space is used. They respond to the amount of natural light in the space, giving the right optimal lighting at the right time and place. In addition to increasing the lights in a predictive manner, the nodes dim the lights in a smart way depending on space usage, thus helping to save energy.