Helvar has announced the release of a new family of sensors. Helvar’s ever evolving portfolio will now include four advanced products – 320 PIR SENSOR (OCCUPANCY), 321 MULTISENSOR, 322 HIGH BAY MULTISENSOR and 341 CORRIDOR PIR SENSOR.

Designed for maximum efficiency the sensors provide energy saving features with automatic lighting control and state-of-the-art optics. From AI solutions to human-centric lighting the new and improved product range offers contemporary lighting design which delivers high-level performance and user experience.
Tommi Raivisto, chief product officer at Helvar says: “We have refreshed our sensor family into a powerful line-up of sensors that deliver high performance across a range of different applications. From offices to education to healthcare, from IP protected, to high bay to large spaces, Helvar’s sensors cover every situation and every application.”