Honeywell has announced the availability of the newest version of Connexo MultiSense, its multi-vendor, multi-communication technology meter data collection (MDC) system developed by Elster.

MultiSense is part of Connexo, a unified utility intelligence solution that helps utilities better manage the escalating volumes, types and complexity of smart grid data they need to meet evolving business, regulatory and customer expectations.
Connexo MultiSense simplifies decision making for utilities, helping them with their daily meter operations, capturing and unifying various types of utility data. From multi-vendor gas, water and electricity meters, to other smart grid devices and sensors.
With MultiSense, utilities can add and connect new smart grid devices whether they are directly connected or connected through gateways or data concentrators. MultiSense’s technology-agnostic communication framework deals with the challenges modern smart metering networks pose, and keeps the operator in control by providing the necessary monitoring and configuration options. MultiSense is not only able to deal with a broad variety of profile data, register readings, alarms and alerts found in modern grid devices, but it can also configure and manage device configurations in the field as well as apply advanced security models when required.