Huawei has been listed as one the world’s leading smart city technology vendors as part of a global study by Navigant Research.

The report cites that Huawei’s smart city strategy and execution were key areas of strength that makes Huawei a strong Contender in the smart city market.

In a bid to highlight the key players in the market, Navigant Research developed an assessment that offers an evaluation of vendors that have the capacity to support cities across a range of operational and infrastructural issues.

The report also assessed vendors who were able to deliver on large-scale projects spanning multiple city requirements.
The Navigant Research report, published as of Q4 2014, outlined the position of 16 of the world’s most prominent smart city vendors and where they place in the market.
The report maintains the growing importance of benchmarking vendors as city service providers go in search of technology providers who can help them deliver on their smart city vision.
Eric Woods, research drector, Navigant Research said: “Huawei’s appearance on the Smart City Suppliers Leaderboard reflects both its core role delivering communications and IT infrastructures for smart city initiatives and the growing ambitions of suppliers in this market.”
The director said: “The research is a reflection of the competition in the market as vendors are becoming much more serious about developing Smarty City initiatives. Governments and city leaders are looking to deepen their vendor relationships to plan for larger scale programs and deployments. We look forward to seeing the maturity of Smart Cities develop, where they can leverage the integration of technology into a strategic approach to sustainability, citizen well-being, and economic development.”
According to Navigant Research estimates, the global smart city technology market is expected to be worth more than $27.5 billion annually by 2023, compared to $8.8 billion in 2014.