Hubbell Integrated Solutions has announced a strategic partnership with Signify and Point Inside for the development and offering of an end-to-end Indoor Positioning Solution, called “Hubbell IPS.” Hubbell IPS provides customers with the ability to implement real-time location and analytics services for indoor venues, such as retail, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, transportation and special event environments.

Hubbell IPS is an enterprise-level real-time location solution that combines Hubbell Lighting’s award-winning commercial luminaire platform with Signify’s indoor positioning platform (comprised of Visible Light Communication and Bluetooth® beaconing hardware, location algorithms and cloud services), and Point Inside’s best-in-class mapping, mobile SDKs and location analytics platform.

Users typically interact with IPS technology through an enabled venue-specific application on an Internet-connected mobile device that depicts a user’s indoor position relative to an indoor map or virtual floorplan. Applications using Hubbell IPS employ specially designed algorithms and embedded technologies operating on these devices – such as camera sensors and wireless transceivers, magnetometer, gyroscope, accelerometer and core location services – to determine a user’s precise location within indoor environments, which are inaccessible by traditional GPS technology.

“By joining Signify’s YellowDot OEM program, we are able to provide our customers access to the best indoor positioning solution on the market, and obtain a competitive advantage,” commented Chris Bailey, vice president Integrated Solutions, Hubbell Incorporated. “The VLC injector enables our fixtures to transmit Visible Light Communication, and the Bluetooth beacon can augment the VLC technology with proximity notifications.”

Venue specific search enables users to easily find what they need or where they are going, as well as how to get there. Retail, hospitality, transportation, event, venue and facility stakeholders are able to utilize intelligent mapping, boost operational efficiency by better understanding occupant behavior, enhance occupant or shopper retail engagement, and capture location analytics. Healthcare facilities can leverage Hubbell IPS to improve caretaker experience by providing navigation and orientation, which improve both patient and caretaker autonomy and reduce the overall demand on healthcare staff members.