Osram has launched its HubSense intelligent lighting management system, an easy-to-commission and scalable solution for retrofitting LED office lighting. HubSense is based on standardised “Qualified Bluetooth Mesh” technology and is ideal for upgrading existing lighting systems in small and medium-sized businesses.

Existing installations can therefore be updated without new cabling and without the use of a gateway or any other IT equipment. HubSense is also suitable for new installations in single offices, open-plan offices, corridors and conference rooms and offers the flexibility needed to adapt the lighting to changes in room usage.

First project in Kolding, Denmark

When the ageing lighting system in an office building in Kolding, Denmark no longer worked properly, the owners looked for an economic upgrade solution. Their lighting designer chose HubSense. With the intuitive HubSense commissioning app provided by Osram, the requirements for the new system could be planned and commissioned in advance off-site. On-site implementation of the system took only one day and did not affect ongoing office operations. Installation work was limited to installing control gear and a sensor in each luminaire. App-based wireless identification of the luminaires enabled the luminaires to be quickly assigned to the desired lighting zones. Predefined lighting control profiles simplified and sped up commissioning.

Operating the HubSense light management system in Kolding is as straightforward as planning, installation and commissioning. With the new system, the lighting can be flexibly adapted at any time to changes in room usage via the mobile app. There are benefits for employees in terms of more comfortable and convenient lighting, and the operators of the office building benefit from much better energy efficiency thanks to daylight control and presence detection. Thanks to its scalability and great flexibility, the system can easily handle changes in room usage and office concepts.