ICONICS has released version 10.97 of its automation software suite.

Version 10.97 features major enhancements across ICONICS’ multiple automation software offerings including GENESIS64 visualization and SCADA system, Hyper Historian rapid data historian, AnalytiX data analysis, MobileHMI apps, and IoTWorX cloud connectivity solutions.

Among version 10.97’s notable new features are:

  • Hyper Alarm Server – A brand new alarm server using all new technology for better performance, more control, native integration with ICONICS’ Platform Services communication, and configuration through AssetWorX. (AlarmWorX64 Server remains available for backwards compatibility.)
  • Secure by default installation – ICONICS Suite now installs in a secure mode by default, ensuring users have the most secure experience from the very beginning. (Demonstration mode remains available for users less concerned with security.)
  • CFSWorX integration with Maximo, ServiceNow, and Azure Active Directory – Worker contact info, groups, and skills can now be imported from these services and work orders can be created (where available).
  • CFSWorX load balancing – Run CFSWorX on two or more distributed application servers to ensure performance and reliability of your connected field service worker solution.
  • Hyper Historian Data Exporter support for Amazon S3 and Azure Data Lake Generation 2 – More options for exporting Hyper Historian data to the cloud.
  • Sankey diagram – Visualize information flow between different sources and destinations in GraphWorX64, MobileHMI, and KPIWorX, as well as within Energy AnalytiX dashboards.