Jabil Circuit has initiated a collaboration with Micello, the leading global provider of indoor maps, to provide a new visual interface for tracking and optimizing energy efficiency within buildings and other indoor facilities. The collaboration enables Micello to introduce Jabil as the first and only energy management service provider on its growing marketplace of indoor mapping applications.

“Our strategic alliance with Jabil orients Micello toward an exciting and important new direction for our industry-leading mapping technology,” said Ankit Agarwal, CEO of Micello. “We are excited that Jabil’s cutting-edge energy services and expertise leverages Micello maps to offer its groundbreaking new tools to meet today’s growing demand for smarter, more energy-efficient buildings.”
Jabil’s new energy services platform employs leading edge non-intrusive load monitoring energy analytics and wireless sensors to gather data to firstly monitor and then improve energy usage in large facilities. Micello’s indoor mapping technology offers a visual interface for Jabil’s data. Jabil can also use the Micello maps to provide user-defined geo-zones within a building and leverage other building functionality and services.
“The quality of Micello’s indoor maps introduces interesting new possibilities for Jabil to deliver our innovative smart building and commercial energy efficiency platform,” said David Kipling, vice president global business units at Jabil. “Micello’s unique maps will help enhance the depth and meaning of the building energy data we provide. In return, Jabil’s advanced energy management reporting capabilities, asset alerts and building maintenance tools will create a completely unique and compelling value proposition for Micello’s customers.”