The Digital Buildings Council (DBC) is a new not-for-profit group of industry specialists who see a more collaborative and interconnected approach as the means of breaking down silos and providing the necessary clarity and assurance to help fulfil the potential of digital buildings.

The current state of the digital buildings industry is still very siloed and there is consensus about a need to shift towards a common more interconnected approach. While various groups focus on different vertical silos or layers of the technology stack, the required approach to providing the market with the necessary clarity and assurance is more collaborative, as digital is by its very nature, horizontal.

At the same time, the growth of the digital buildings market is currently constrained by uncertainty and unless the following issues are consistently addressed, there is a significant risk that it will not fulfil its potential:

  • Market confusion through too many conflicting voices, vested interests and inconsistency of language used.
  • The gap between the technology promise being claimed versus what’s possible.
  • Change focus from the Why and What to the How of digital building implementation.
  • How to demonstrate ROI and think holistically about how it’s calculated.
  • Practical guidance on sustainability performance and how technology can help
  • improve good governance and user experience
  • Engagement of Cost and Project Management Consultants to mitigate value engineering through aligning digital outcomes and their costs early in the project lifecycle.

The DBC has been set up to address these issues with smaller, focused and more representative agile working groups that can effectively fill gaps in existing frameworks, as well as help enhance best practices and drive industry-wide improvement for the common good. The founders see collaborative efforts having greater impact through a representative mix of industry specialists with the group overseen by a Steering Committee made up of the following members:

  • Canary Wharf Contractors: Peter Beck, design executive - special systems
  • Cordless Consultants: Ravi Lakhani, head of smart
  • Delta Controls: John Brough, director of European operations
  • Ethos Engineering: Brian Coogan, director, digital services
  • Facility Performance Consulting: James Atkins, director
  • Hereworks: Daniel Watson, UK director
  • LMG: Mike Hook, owner/director
  • MiX Consultancy: Brahm Lategan, associate, smart buildings
  • Multiplex: Alan Williamson,
  • One Sightsolutions: Jesse Poulton, business development director
  • Nuxform: Kevin Brownall, director
  • SES Engineering Services Ltd: James Thomas, head of smart buildings & technology
  • Simmtronic: Jess Costanzo, commercial director
  • Smart Spaces: Dan Drogman, chief executive officer

Market engagement specialist Justin Kirby has been appointed as Chief Advocacy Officer and interim Chair to provide unbiased support including helping set-up and kick start the DBC’s initial aims. These include improving professional understanding through knowledge sharing, developing common language and approaches as part of engaging with important stakeholder groups across the built environment. More initiatives including membership development plans will be announced soon, but for more information in the meantime visit or contact via email (