Infrastructure and vehicle can no longer be imagined separately. Smart networking presents countless possibilities, e.g., via sharing services, individual micromobility, traffic management systems, autonomous driving, and much more.

At the IAA MOBILITY 2023, you can discuss approaches to smart city development and smart linking of living and mobility solutions in both city and rural contexts, help to shape innovations, and exchange ideas with other sectoral experts.

The hopes and objectives are wide-ranging

Less air pollution, greater sustainability, fewer traffic jams, fewer private cars, fewer vehicles in general, more space for people, higher quality of life, better connections in rural regions... The hopes associated with a new, connected environment are at least as wide-ranging as its possibilities.

Business, politics, academics, and citizens are invited to work together on the transport of the future. The transformation of transportation can only be initiated collectively. At the IAA MOBILITY, all the players are represented to discuss these goals.

More smart digital connections – more development potential

When you look at how many billions in research funding are being invested into autonomous driving, every hope is justified. The market is there. And development is being pursued assiduously in other areas too. Smart junctions, which calculate the different traffic flows, and smart parking management systems will soon be part of our daily lives.

At whatever level you choose to consider, smart solutions are being brought to bear. Individual battery charging, the sharing vehicle, or the entire traffic management system – using smart digital innovations, for efficient use and optimum capacity utilization, the individual factors can be comprehensively improved.

Developments and questions

At the IAA MOBILITY 2023, smart infrastructure is playing a leading role. Questions that particularly interest us in that respect relate e.g. to electromobility: How can the expansion in e-charging points be driven forward? Can existing infrastructure, such as streetlights, be used for this? Autonomous driving is a focus for us: What effects does autonomous driving have on the traffic flow? What role can local passenger transport play? Initial trials involving small driverless buses have already been conducted in Hamburg. When will the self-driving car be licensed for use in cities?

Munich is becoming Smart City – from September 5-10, 2023

For these and other interesting questions, and above all the answers to them, we are extending a warm invitation to come to Munich. For five days, everyone connected with transport and mobility come together at the IAA MOBILITY 2023. Be there, as decision-makers and experts discuss the future of mobility and of smart infrastructure. As an exhibitor, your themes can also be fed into the discussions.

Come to Munich, because after vehicles and infrastructure it is now time to connect yourself!

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