Audica says it has played a key role in the ongoing development and testing of an innovative surround-sound solution designed specifically for hospitality, retail and spa treatment rooms. Audica’s specialist speakers have been named as the reference specification for the “Musicstyling COLLABORATE +” platform, a new application that provides 4.1 surround-sound from an intuitive iOS app.

COLLABORATE + is a collaboration between Musicstyling, the specialist supplier of bespoke playlists, and custom content providers, including Tom Middleton. The application allows spas, wellness centres and other businesses within the retail and hospitality sectors to deliver various soundscapes designed to induce optimal physiological, psychological and emotional responses. Immersive bioharmonic soundscapes from Tom Middleton encourage slow and deep yogic respiration, lowered heart rate and stress hormone reduction, providing a fulfilling and revitalising recharge for mind, body and soul.
The solution continues to be demonstrated within the Resting Room at The Hive, a co-working and hot desk complex in Hong Kong. Audica’s range of industry-leading speakers have been specifically chosen and installed within the dedicated resting area, where they deliver the custom soundscapes from Tom Middleton, allowing workers to escape from the noise and intensity of a fast paced life. The reference 4.1 system incorporates four Audica Professional MICROpoint loudspeakers, the MICROplus ultra-compact four-channel amplifier, and the MICROsub 3 active subwoofer.
Nick Stephens, regional manager at Musicstyling, said: “Spas and wellness rooms are growing in popularity, however historically there has been a lack of specialist surround-sound content to choose from. COLLABORATE + provides businesses with an intuitive user interface and a diverse range of expertly composed soundscapes lasting various lengths of time. A masseuse can choose a track to last the length of specific treatments.”
“We were looking for a manufacturer that could provide us with four satellite speakers, a compact four channel amplifier and an active subwoofer, that sounded and looked great, whilst also being very easy to install. Audica certainly ticked all of the boxes - we couldn't find another manufacturer that came close.”
Alex Munro, founder and brand director, Audica, said: “We are extremely proud to have our speakers named as the reference specification for the COLLABORATE + platform, an exciting and pioneering application that will be a huge success in the future. Our range of professional speakers combine cutting-edge design and acoustic engineering to create flexible audio solutions for commercial background music, corporate AV and audio communications.”