IBM has produced an infographic which highlights the potential vulnerability of smart buildings.

More and more devices are connecting to the Internet; the ones that control your building’s heating, lighting and air conditioning are no exception. According to Gartner, devices in smart homes and smart commercial buildings represented 45 percent of total connected things in use in 2015.

Unfortunately, little attention is being paid to the potential cybersecurity risks created by smart office technology since these devices fall outside the scope of traditional IT. In fact, a recent survey of building automation system (BAS) operators found that only 29 percent had taken action or were in the process of taking action to improve cybersecurity for their Internet-connected systems.

To read the full blog post from Paul Ionescu click on the link below.

Paul Ionescu leads the Security Engineering program for the IBM Security Systems division. He also manages a team of highly skilled security experts tasked with pen-testing IBM products: the IBM X-Force Ethical Hacking Team.