J2 has announced that its FIN Framework software is set to underpin the next- generation of ventilation control systems from FläktGroup.

FIN Framework is a smart open platform for building management, smart equipment and IoT applications used by OEMs to seamlessly build controls and automation equipment.

FläktGroup has partnered with J2 Innovations to develop ventilation control systems that leverage the advanced capabilities of the FIN Framework technology.

With a strong market presence in 65 countries worldwide, FläktGroup believes the partnership will enable them to use their extensive sector experience to develop solutions that will transform the future of HVAC.

Amir Baharmast, sales director at FläktGroup, said: ''Our collaboration with J2 Innovations is a game-changer in our control strategy. Incorporating the FIN Framework into our HVAC systems will not only enhance our product portfolio but also allow us to provide top-tier, smart solutions to our customers to create better liveable environments.’’

J2 Innovations and FläktGroup partnership originates from a shared vision to make buildings easier to manage and optimize, both for the wellbeing of their occupants and from an energy efficiency standpoint. Adopting advanced technology for sustainable and user-friendly building management will help FläktGroup meet the growing demand for smarter, more adaptable building environments.

Global head of sales and services at J2 Innovations, Matteo Pierone, said: “We are excited to partner with FläktGroup and are committed to delivering solutions that are intuitive, efficient, and beneficial on multiple fronts, from energy savings to enhanced user experiences.’’

This collaboration is not just about integrating technologies. It’s about setting new benchmarks in the ventilation industry, and by embracing the FIN Framework, FläktGroup will be able to offer unparalleled efficiency and control in its HVAC products.

FläktGroup says that future solutions will be accessible to a diverse range of users, from small businesses to large enterprises.