J2 Innovations has announced that a Siemens-made hardware platform will be offered to customers with their software embedded. The F200 Edge Controller for FIN Framework is a powerful hardware alternative targeted at system integrators and OEMs which do not manufacture their own hardware.

“FIN is an open, flexible platform and is hardware agnostic, but we’ve listened to our customers who would like the option to have FIN Framework bundled directly with hardware. Utilizing a Siemens-made edge controller seemed like a natural choice. We advocate total flexibility and continue to encourage our customers to use their own or third-party hardware for FIN – we will support whatever hardware choice is right for them and their application and market requirements.” said Alex Rohweder, CEO J2 Innovations

The DIN rail-mounting F200 will be provided with either the FIN Stack brand (in North America or UK only) or the OEM’s brand. In combination with the fully browser-based user interface and the FIN Edge2Cloud technology for seamless and integrated remote access (at no extra cost), FIN Framework is perfectly addressing the mid-market BAS requirements.

FIN supports all the open protocol standards commonly used in buildings, and either J2 Innovations or OEM partners can develop additional connectors as required for specific use cases. The extended network capabilities and strong security level of the F200 allows for remote access, and over the air updating and upgrading.

“Earlier this year we launched a ‘Fit4FIN’ partner program which further expands our support for third- party hardware. Through the program, J2 recommend hardware from third-parties that have been selected for their use with FIN Framework. This provides an alternative for customers who do not have their own hardware offering that they would like to utilize in combination with FIN.