JLL has published its latest Sustainability Highlights Report which unveils how much progress it has made towards its 2020 sustainability targets.

The report shows that JLL has made strong progress in 2017 with its sustainability strategy ‘Building a Better Tomorrow’ including initiatives to reduce plastic usage and paper consumption, support homelessness charities and establish the first circular economy targets for the sector.
Sophie Walker, head of sustainability at JLL UK, said: “We are now one year in to the delivery of our thirty ambitious 2020 UK targets and have put strong foundations in place to build on over the next three years. Sustainability is increasingly becoming a business imperative for us and our clients, with over 15% of our UK revenue supported by our sustainability capabilities. More than ever, our commitment to Building a Better Tomorrow is vital to our business strategy and success.”
Chris Ireland, CEO at JLL UK, said “JLL’s ability to be financially resilient in response to such change rests on us having a robust, long-term outlook, and an effective business strategy. More than ever, our commitment to our sustainability strategy “Building a Better Tomorrow” is vital to our business success.”