Dedicated to improving quality of life, Bee’ah is setting a benchmark in artificial intelligence (AI) within the Middle East, and around the world, with smart platforms.

The company wanted to create a sustainable future for its headquarters through creative and resourceful solutions, as well as position the UAE’s Sharjah as the environmental capital of the region.

Bee’ah was aiming for 0% carbon emissions, 20% less water use, and 5% less energy use. Not only this, but the company also wanted to achieve a LEED platinum certification – the highest recognition awarded to green buildings – alongside enhanced occupant experience and productivity.

As specialists in creating intelligent buildings, efficient energy solutions and integrated infrastructure, Johnson Controls delivered a fully unified solution based on AI and digital representation. To achieve this, its Digital Vault was paired with Microsoft’s Azure Digital Twins, Azure IoT and Azure Container Registry.

The company’s Digital Vault leverages Microsoft’s technology stack to provide a complete virtual representation of data from connected devices and systems throughout the building. It then translates the physical space into a digital representation with rich data that can be visualised, analysed, and actioned to deliver proactive maintenance, optimized building systems and intelligent support for the people inside.

Thanks to these combined capabilities, Johnson Controls was able to utilise space, enhance security, provide a better visitor experience, reduce the time taken to locate conference rooms, and personalize the employee experience – all while reducing overall operating expenses.

The resulting Bee’ah HQ, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, is fully powered by renewable energy, and optimized for the sustainable use of resources to have zero net energy consumption within two years of operation. The quality of life of employees has increased by 20% due to improvement of health and comfort across the workforce.

Johnson Controls and Microsoft enabled Bee’ah to achieve its primary aims, alongside a diverse range of AI features throughout multiple touchpoints, from digital workspaces and smart back-office integration to smart lobby-visitor management and security. All of this ensures that Bee’ah’s HQ is not just a building, but a memorable, meaningful space for employees and visitors alike.