Johnson Controls has announced the latest development of the Metasys Building Automation System that now integrates Cisco Energy Manager. This enables facilities managers to optimise performance across heating, lighting, fire safety, office vending machines and IT and Communications assets, via an easy-to-use interface for mobile devices and desktop work stations.

Metasys-CEM monitors traditional building technologies and subsystems whilst organising the performance data of energy used by a building and its occupants, before delivering it to facilities managers who can then take steps to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption. For example, Metasys-CEM can be configured to automatically put any computers running into sleep mode and then bring them back online ready for use, at specified times that are convenient for users. The same settings can be applied to vending machines, water fountains, lighting, heating and air conditioning and more, within a single building or across a global enterprise.

In addition to significant energy savings and sustainability gains, the benefits to a business implementing this solution increase a facilities team productivity and control, whilst enabling IT departments to verify inventory through the IP network and achieve greater efficiency and visibility throughout the organisation. For example, within a data centre environment the solution can lead to efficiency gains of up to 16 per cent.
The Metasys-CEM bridges the gap between facilities and IT and leverages the world-class expertise of two Fortune 100 companies into a unified solution to reduce carbon emissions by increasing operational and energy efficiency.