Johnson Controls has introduced BCM 2.0, an upgraded version of its Building Control Manager (BCM) system, featuring new productivity tools and an improved user interface. The BCM 2.0 builds on the success of Metasys, to optimize the energy and operational efficiency of light commercial facilities and buildings.

“The BCM Engineering Tool is one of the key new features of BCM 2.0 that will greatly improve the productivity of engineers. The time required to create the engineering database and configure the BCM user interface has been reduced significantly, by up to 50 percent,” said Wenxiang Feng, senior manager for control system, Johnson Controls Building Efficiency.

BCM 2.0 improves the user experience by directing attention to important tasks and presenting critical information in an intuitive manner. For example, the entire plant with chillers, cooling towers and pumps are now in one schematic with graphics and summary generated intelligently. Features like pop-up windows, sound alerts and short message service are integrated to trigger alarms so that facility managers can react promptly. The overall improved engineering design aids, graphics generation features and visualizations will enable facility managers to carry out simple programming without assistance from engineers.