Trend Controls is partnering with Smart Buildings Magazine to deliver three panel sessions, exploring the future of smart buildings and the role that BMS technologies plays within it.

The built environment has already seen a drastic change over the past six months. The challenge now is to navigate the new wave of requirements for a healthy building and answer key questions such as; How can data play a role in managing built environments? How can employers make buildings healthier, to improve occupant experience? And how can we reduce our environmental impact?

Join us to hear a panel of industry experts discuss the following topic:

Reducing the environmental impact of our built environment – (10am - 30th September)

‘Growing environmental awareness and the need to mitigate climate change is revolutionising our approach to resource management. As a result, we are identifying and quantifying energy waste in more detail than ever before. There is a growing awareness that technology, such as the latest building management systems can provide the tools needed to manage out energy wastage.’

  • Stefano D'Agostino, General manager, Trend Control Systems
  • Jamie Hall, UK Director of Energy & Sustainability, ISS Sustainability
  • Rachael McGinley, Head of Sustainability, CBRE Ireland
  • Jon Belfield, MD at InTandem Systems, Immediate Past President of The BCIA

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Reducing the environmental impact of our built environment – 30th September