LEDVANCE VIVARES has recently been installed as part of a renovation at the LEDVANCE premesis in Molsheim, France. The upgrade aimed to achieve energy savings and a high level of illumination, modernising with simplicity the existing traditional system with state-of-the-art technology.

Commenting on the installation, the facility manager of the building at Molsheim, said "We were very impressed by the speed of installation. All the lighting fixtures (offices, meeting rooms and corridors) were changed without dust or excessive noise, thus without disturbing employees at the office. We can monitor consumption levels in real time thanks to energy monitoring and staff appreciate the lighting comfort of this new installation."

All traditional luminaires were replaced with LED lighting in combination with the VIVARES Zigbee, the light management system from LEDVANCE. This system, coupled with presence and light sensors, ensures a significant reduction in energy consumption and offers the creation of maintenance and energy consumption reports via the VIVARES cloud. In one of the open-plan offices, 105 panel performance and 10 downlight performance luminaires were installed. The meeting room has been modernised with 11 downlight performance and 4 panel direct/ indirect luminaires. The corridors were refurbished with 30 downlight performance luminaires. To allow full automation of the lighting system, 38 VIVARES Zigbee L/O sensors were installed in the offices, corridors and stairs. The lighting automatically turns on when the first employee arrives and turns off when the premises are unoccupied. All luminaires installed are in UGR <19.