Legrand has extended the warranty for it’s high-efficiency Zucchini Green T.HE cast resin transformers to eight years.

The measurement of partial discharges – which degrade insulation materials within the transformer over time as a result of persistent voltage exposure – is a “Quality Index" of a transformer. Legrand’s Green T.HE range delivers high performance and reliability with a partial discharge value lower than <5 pC, compared to <10 pC which is required by the EN 60076-11 standard.
Given the integral nature of transformers to commercial power distribution systems, keeping partial discharges to a minimum is essential to longer operational life, and higher levels of performance.
The T.HE model also benefits from highly accurate winding of the conductors, and expertise in the casting process of the epoxy resin around the winding ensures a high coefficient of impregnation within the low voltage coil. All of this combines to offer a transformer with one of the lowest partial discharge values on the market.
Steve Marr, lead marketing manager – power distribution, at Legrand UK, comments: “Transformers are a mainstay of all commercial buildings and provide the vital link between the distribution network and useable power. Whilst some level of partial discharge is unavoidable, by utilising high-quality raw materials and manufacturing processes, they can be kept to a minimum, therefore delivering a durable and reliable power distribution solution in the market.
“What’s more, given the purchase of a transformer is a serious capital investment, offering an eight-year warranty on our standard high efficiency cast resin transformers will give those making the purchasing decision complete confidence that they will be investing not only in a reliable and long-lasting solution, but also a highly efficient, transformer that will stand the test of time.”