LiGO from Open Technology, a specialist in the design, manufacture and commission of intelligent lighting control systems, is installed in buildings across a wide range of sectors, delivering consistent cost and energy savings.

Energy efficient lighting technology has seen major advances in recent years, with LEDs in particular now able to offer significant energy and maintenance savings across a range of applications. Delivering significant energy and carbon savings is a key challenge for all businesses, especially now with the introduction of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES), which takes effect from April 2018. The MEES means all commercial leases will need to achieve a minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of ‘E’ before they can be let to new occupiers or renew an existing tenancy.
LiGO is based on the manufacturer-independent DALI standard that ensures interchangeability and interoperability of lighting system components.
LiGO enables both full functionality and impressive energy savings through a solution that is suitable for all types of building, including retrofits and refurbishments, and can work alongside other building systems. The LiGO web page allows you to set up the system, create reports and adjust settings and gives access to a range of features, including time zone control, emergency override and alarm control.
Designed for use by the building user, LiGO needs no additional front-end software and as many users as required are able to use the system without purchasing additional user licences. Its innovative control system can be integrated into a building management system (BMS), allowing systems to work collaboratively and maximise savings.
James Lane, commercial director at Open Technology, says: “Most buildings already control heating, ventilation and air conditioning through their BMS. We simply apply the same solution to lighting. LED lighting is key to meeting new energy efficiency standards and coupled with intelligent control systems it represents the future of highly efficient, functional lighting design.”