Peabody, the largest operator of affordable housing in the UK, has chosen the EyeNut monitoring and management solution for interior lighting from Harvard to control lighting across its estate of 1,700 blocks of social housing.

Harvard, in partnership with Fern Howard, designer and manufacturer of high-quality robust, stylish and functional energy efficient lighting fixtures, developed a wireless enabled Bulkhead fixture which, when installed alongside EyeNut, offered multi-site control and energy savings, as well as meeting the strict emergency regulations required in social housing.

A total of 80 of the bulkhead fixtures have initially been installed across two blocks of social housing. 56 of the fixtures installed were emergency enabled, with emergency protocols automated through the EyeNut Graphic User Interface (GUI) to comply with necessary regulations.

Andy Davies, head of business development and specification at Harvard, commented, “EyeNut’s emergency feature has enabled Peabody to eliminate monthly site visits by automating the monthly and yearly tests required by law. EyeNut also warns of a failure so that an inspector can be dispatched to the site immediately to investigate.”

Since the installation, Peabody has seen an initial energy saving of 44%, and with the system constantly being reviewed and enhanced dimming and sensor control features set to be added, the goal is to reach 50% energy savings.