Lightware Visual Engineering has announced today that the company has joined the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program.

Within the program, Lightware has collaborated closely with Q-SYS to introduce a Q-SYS Certified plugin that is tailored to integrate Lightware's extensive video matrix range. This plugin provides comprehensive control over various video matrix devices. At launch, the plugin will support the Taurus UCX, a cutting-edge solution designed for hybrid meeting rooms that unleashes the potential of USB-C connectivity and the MMX2, an HDMI 2.0 switcher with breakout audio in addition to occupancy sensor input with various control features.

The Q-SYS Platform plus Lightware video matrices have become an integral part of dynamic AV systems. This plugin, available in Q-SYS Design Software, streamlines the design and integration of both solutions and offers enhanced flexibility and efficiency in design, commissioning and deployment.

Gergely Vida, CEO at Lightware Visual Engineering, says, “Lightware joining the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program provides our customers and partners with enhanced capabilities to design, operate and manage complex networks with Q-SYS and Lightware devices. This will create a new range of possibilities for manufacturers and customers alike, enhancing the user experience."