EnerNOC says that the London Underground is the latest business to join EnerNOC's demand response network. Demand response programs pay electricity users for their flexibility to help stabilise the electricity grid during urgent periods, such as peak usage or high energy prices. This demand side flexibility helps keep rates affordable for all consumers.

The London Underground network is the biggest power consumer in London and has the largest private power network in the United Kingdom. They also run a back-up power station to ensure seamless service during power interruptions. By joining EnerNOC's demand response network, London Underground will be paid for using its back-up power during times of peak demand, reducing its reliance on the National Grid and helping to ensure grid reliability for all Londoners.
"Participating in demand-side response is good for London Underground, providing an easy way for us to earn money by using our existing infrastructure. More importantly, it helps us in our mission to be a responsible corporate citizen and provide a benefit to all of the customers we serve," said Russell Fleetwood, London Underground generation manager.
"Demand-side response is a win-win scenario for businesses in the UK. Companies earn money for their participation and consumers at large benefit from a more cost effective and reliable power grid. EnerNOC's demand side response software helps businesses manage their participation to maximise potential earnings and, as the largest demand side response provider in the world, we can help ensure that participation is seamless," said Patrick Liddy, director UK and Ireland at EnerNOC.