The LoRa Alliance has highlighted a new report titled Briefing for IoT Solution Specialists prepared by leading analyst firm Beecham Research. The briefing indicates shipments of LoRa chipsets – as used for LoRaWAN – surpasses other chip shipments by more than two to one, stating “LoRaWAN is already the leading low power wide area network (LPWAN) technology for IoT applications.”

Beecham Research’s related report, Primary Research of IoT Sectors, Conclusions & Recommendations2 report, notes that end-users are collaborating with IoT experts to efficiently deploy solutions and maximize ROI. The briefing states: “The influence of specialist solution providers/system integrators in the buying process is high. These already have strong connections in their sectors and are often treated as technical references for details on the elements of IoT solutions, including connectivity.”

“Choosing the right connectivity technology for a use case is the most important decision an end-user will make. Some may not have the in-house expertise to compare requirements to technology options; solutions providers help them find the right-fit technology,” said Donna Moore, chair and CEO of the LoRa Alliance. “Solutions providers analyze use cases, provide education on available technologies, and allow project managers—from city planners to farmers to manufacturers—to envision the full scope of an IoT deployment. System integrators (SIs) bring those ideas to life by integrating IoT sensor data into a platform that consolidates data from numerous end-user platforms. Increasingly, we find that their support of end users and the strength of the LoRaWAN ecosystem come together to maintain LoRaWAN as the leading LPWAN in the marketplace.”