Pressac Communications has launched a wireless, low-energy repeater to triple the wireless range of EnOcean-enabled sensors over greater distances or where obstructions occur within buildings.

The Pressac smart repeater is a cost-effective way to increase a sensors’ range. It receives messages from EnOcean devices and then re-transmits them wirelessly to any number of selected devices. It can extend the EnOcean wireless range from 30m up to 90m, depending on the configuration and the building.

Jamie Burbidge, digital solutions - product manager at Pressac, said: “Standard RF range for EnOcean devices is 30m within the line of sight (LoS). Once a device is installed inside a building, this can reduce, depending on the building materials used. Using a repeater can double or, if two repeaters are used, potentially triple the distance of the signal. This offers a low-cost way to extend the range of devices and collect data from a wider area within a building.”

The EnOcean compliant repeater is mains powered via 5V USB and is compatible with EnOcean-products. It also has an option for selective repeating, letting you choose which sensors to repeat to minimise unnecessary data being transmitted.

Jamie Burbidge added: “Many other repeaters simply repeat every message they receive, which then causes issues with too many messages being needlessly re-transmitted. Our smart repeater doesn’t have this problem because we’ve designed in the ability to select which devices are repeated.”