MClimate is Europe based company specialized in the development of IoT hardware devices and software solutions that prioritize energy efficiency, air quality, and water loss prevention to make any building smart.

Our energy-saving devices cut costs and reduced environmental impact at a scale. A good example is the case of the office building of Municipality of Schagen where we achieved significant results in the first heating season by reducing the heating expenses with 31,5% and had a ROI of 14 months. This was possible by installing 21 Vicki LoRaWAN Smart Radiator Thermostats and 21 Vicki Anti-vandal protective cases, along with 4 MClimate Humidity & Temperature Sensor LoRaWAN® units and 1 MClimate CO2 Sensor LoRaWAN® for remote temperature control and monitoring of all office rooms and common spaces.

The devices collected user consumption data, enabling tailored heating and air quality recommendations improving the working environment of the whole staff.

Among the mentioned above established devices we introduced this year the new Wireless Thermostat LoRaWAN and the CO2 Display LoRaWAN powered entirely by solar energy. The solutions are virtually maintenance free and revolutionary for the market.

Our goal is through partnerships with global entities, technology providers, end-users, and institutions, to reshape buildings into sustainable places that enhance the well-being and health of their occupants. Moreover, we aid companies in measuring buildings’ data and achieve their ESG goals along the way.

MClimate is exhibiting at the year’s Smart Buildings Show - stand A48.