The Terabee Air Quality SB5 accurately measures the environment indoors. It relies on Sensirion environmental sensors, for guaranteed stability and automatic recalibration during the life of the device, measuring up to five ambient metrics using Swiss-made sensors, to help reduce air pollution and improve health.

According to the World Health Organization ambient and household air pollution is the largest environmental risk to health, accounting for the premature deaths of 6.5 million people worldwide each year and about 600,000 premature deaths in the WHO European Region. Therefore, monitoring and improving air quality to reduce air pollution can bring real health benefits such as reducing the number of premature deaths and heart diseases, lung cancer, strokes as well as chronic and acute respiratory issues, including asthma.

Being committed to improving the buildings in which we live, Terabee added the Air Quality SB5 sensor to its product range at the end of 2022. It measures the five most in-demand air quality metrics CO2, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), temperature and relative humidity.

Wi-Fi connectivity and HTTP/HTTPS data protocol enable simple and direct integration of air quality metrics into systems, ensuring secure access over the network. The Terabee Air Quality SB5 guarantees easy installation and precise monitoring for an accurate assessment of air quality. There are two types of feedback from the SB5:

Visual for direct action: The real-time LED indicator enables the evaluation of the air quality - instantly and without the need of any backend system - in order to make decisions and adjust temperature and ventilation systems: sometimes a simple gesture such as the opening of a window at a “SB5 red signal” can bring a huge improvement.

Data collection for analytics: The precise air quality metrics are sent to a database or back-end that can empower building and facility managers to efficiently program ventilation systems, optimizing people's well-being but also energy performance.

Businesses and organizations seeking advanced air quality monitoring solutions will find the Terabee SB5 compelling due to its unparalleled performance, competitive price for top quality, and comprehensive features.

The air quality monitor features the Sensirion's miniaturized SCD41 that provides highly accurate CO2 measurements. It also includes the digital VOCsensor SGP40 designed for easy integration into air treatment devices and air quality monitors. Additionally, the MCERTS-certified SPS30 particulate matter sensor enables precise measurements from the device's first operation and throughout its lifetime of more than ten years.