The MK Data Hub, a data-sharing portal that provides access to a large variety of Milton Keynes datasets, has now been released and it is open to any business that wishes to contribute to the smart city agenda in Milton Keynes.

With Milton Keynes being one of the fastest growing cities in the UK and a great economic success story, the MK Data Hub was created by MK:Smart to inform smart planning and sustainable use of resources across the city and to support its continued growth.
Having been restricted for some time while in development, the MK Data Hub is now open to the public, providing free access to a huge variety of urban data to local citizens, businesses, tech entrepreneurs, community groups—indeed anyone with an interest in Milton Keynes.
The web portal streams sensor information from its many different data sources, combining over 500 datasets on specific entities such as buildings, places and topics. This intelligence can be analysed to help solve urban challenges.
Enrico Motta, Professor of Knowledge Technologies at The Open University, said: “Today is the culmination of over two years of work in the MK:Smart project by a very talented team of IT experts, data scientists, and software engineers. The MK Data Hub is now open for business and we are very excited at the opportunities this unique resource opens up for both research and application development. We are very much looking forward to extending our network of collaborators and working with new partners to develop new data-centric applications that will help to progress the smart city agenda in Milton Keynes.”
Carole Mills, Chief Executive of Milton Keynes Council, said: “Milton Keynes is starting to experience some of the issues that big cities face, like increased traffic flows and congestion. We need to ensure that our infrastructure can support our growing population, and that we have enough energy and water. These are the building blocks of the MK:Smart project. And what a fantastic outcome we now have for the city—a data hub that is a nationally and internationally recognised as cutting edge. A platform for business, for universities and for citizens that allows them to all be a part of the solution.”