ExtraHop has announced its top predictions for enterprise IT in 2016. Based on insight from customers, partners, and industry analysts and insiders, ExtraHop expects to see the network emerge as a critical nexus of business over the next twelve months, with significant integration between network and security, demand for operational support of connected devices, and the ability to mine all data-in-motion for correlated, cross-tier and cross-team insights.

Some of ExtraHop’s predictions for IT in 2016 are:

Healthcare IT Zeroes in on IoT. “The healthcare industry has a vast number of connected devices, from insulin and drug pumps, to MRI machines, to tablet computers used by clinicians in patient care,” says John Matthews, CIO at ExtraHop. “While some of these devices are very sophisticated, others are still using protocols like Telnet. This, combined with the sheer number of devices, means that traditional monitoring approaches like instrumentation, are untenable. In 2016, expect to see more budget dollars go to solutions that provide the visibility necessary to align IT and clinical operations in support of healthcare IoT.”

Monitoring-Aware Networks Come Online. “SDN has matured significantly over the past few years, and among our customers and others we’re starting to see it gain real traction,” says Eric Thomas, Director of Solutions Architecture at ExtraHop. “The next evolution of SDN is monitoring-aware networks. As demand for greater visibility into these networks escalates, expect to see hardware-agnostic vendors build commodity capture interfaces directly into device firmwares, enabling much easier, more agile monitoring of these complex and dynamic architectures.”