The Siemens Building Technologies Division has introduced a new version of its comprehensive Desigo CC building automation platform. From one app, this platform offers mobile remote access to building automation and alarm management. In addition, Desigo CC supports additional communications protocols and subsystems and offers enhanced IT security.

One highlight of the new Desigo CC version is the app for smartphones and tablets, which offers comprehensive remote access to the building automation system and allows direct operation of all disciplines in the building. The Desigo CC app gives building managers complete mobility. They can access building disciplines, optimize settings and monitor performance quickly and easily – anytime and anywhere. In addition, alarms are delivered to the app, allowing managers to take action right away and ensuring uninterrupted availability of all building systems. The app has an intuitive user interface and runs on any Android- or iOS-based smartphone or tablet.

As an open platform, Desigo CC easily integrates with third-party devices. With new Modbus and OPC libraries, Siemens has now expanded the range of communications protocols supported by Desigo CC, allowing the integration of even more comfort and fire safety devices.

The new version provides native support for a variety of additional subsystems, including AlgoRex, Simatic S7, SiPass integrated, Siveillance VMS and Milestone Xprotect. For video surveillance, the platform offers video recording and playback, powerful search and analysis functions as well as many other new features. In addition, Desigo CC now also has a migration path for existing Siclimat installations, Apogee Insight and NCC (Network Command Center) as well as an interface to the Siemens Navigator energy management platform.

Desigo CC also offers important IT security enhancements. For example, all communication between clients and servers is encrypted, the platform integrates easily into a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), and it is compatible with all popular firewalls. Since access rights for each user are defined by role and responsibilities, Desigo CC provides maximum protection for all collected data. Desigo CC now also supports certificates from trust centers such as Verisign. This, plus the optimized server architecture, ensures maximum security.