Priva UK has brought an elegantly designed, intuitive control unit to the BMS market. Developed for offices, hotels, schools or indeed any other buildings, this slim, unobtrusive technology is designed to ensure maximum comfort along with cost-efficiency and energy savings.

Gavin Holvey, UK & Ireland sales manager comments: “There is increasing demand for improved comfort in work and living spaces, without the loss of modern aesthetics but including ease of use.
“The new Priva Touchpoint One addresses this modern desire, providing innovative controls that enable users to tailor their personal environment from one easy-to-use unit. Users can enjoy maximum well-being in every space, bringing the comfort of their own home at their office; while hoteliers can pamper their guests by enabling them to create their personal ideal climate in their hotel room.”
Touchpoint One lets users switch on their own heating or cooling, control sun blinds and fine-tune the lighting intensity through a user-friendly interface. The unique feature of an optional CO2 sensor ensures plenty of fresh, healthy air and contributes to a clean and spacious look with fewer cables. It guarantees maximum productivity, comfort and cost efficiency.
Gavin concludes: “With the increased ability to monitor energy use through simple green leaf graphics, and enhanced energy saving through temperature and CO2 sensors, users can expect maximum comfort and style, with exceptional efficiency and savings.”