BSRIA is staging a new one day industry course: Building Services Explained – aimed at people who manage, operate, or maintain buildings. The focus is on delegate participation and will be “interactive”!

The course will run both in BSRIA’s HQ in Bracknell and at BSRIA North – Preston. It kicks-off with an overview of building services and leads into a discussion of the 14 categories of building services which includes: electrical, mechanical, fire protection, water, heating, air conditioning and security systems.

Building services “bring a building to life”. In addition to accounting for over 30 per cent of the construction cost of a property, building services have a profound impact on different aspects of building performance such as usability, personal comfort, energy consumption, maintenance and utilities costs and business continuity.

The course will explain the importance of building services to facilities managers and their clients with examples of “what good looks like and what good doesn’t look like”. It is based on the RICS New Rules of Measurement (NRM), the BSRIA Building Services Job Book and Rules of Thumb for Building Services. It is written from the perspective of people who manage, operate and maintain buildings.

Mike Lee, BSRIA training manager, said: n“This fantastic new course is designed to be an interactive learning experience, rather than a lecture. Individual and group exercises include categorising different items from project photographs and drawings, marking-up building services schematics and layouts and answering multiple-choice questions about building services systems.
“This course is written from the perspective of people that manage, operate and maintain buildings. It uses scenarios, procedures, documents, drawings, images and videos that these facilities management professionals will be familiar with. Movie clips and props such as a human torso are also used to illustrate key learning points! The staging of this new course at its BSRIA North offices demonstrates BSRIA’s training commitment to the northern powerhouse. I urge members and industry alike to book on now!”

Building Services Explained

Thursday 6th September – 09:00 hrs Bracknell
Wednesday 12th September – 09:00 hrs Preston