Optigo Networks has announced a new suite of capture tools, for complete network visibility from server to MS/TP. Visual BACnet Capture Tools collect network data at the edge and push it to the Visual BACnet cloud, Optigo Networks’ advanced visualization platform for building automation system service providers.

“We’re proud to forge a new future of Edge-to-Cloud networking,” says Dan Ronald, vp product management at Optigo Networks. “Visibility and simplicity are core to the Optigo Networks vision. Our Visual BACnet Capture Tools put that value at the forefront, with streamlined monitoring and centralized management.”
The tool for Windows captures from the server for full network visibility, while the IP and MS/TP tools install right at the network source, on the RS485 or IP router.
The line of Capture Tools features the ability to schedule captures, which automatically upload to the Visual BACnet cloud. The analytics engine quickly identifies common problems and anomalous behaviour in the BACnet infrastructure. Email notifications alert users as soon as the network health drops below a certain threshold or changes by a certain amount. Users can then drill down and analyze data, with the platform’s robust diagnostic checks.
With the Visual BACnet Capture Tools, there’s no need to “troubleshoot”: no more clambering around in ceiling tiles, hunting for issues in the MS/TP chain; no more wading through data or filtering in Wireshark. Instead, users can schedule hourly, daily, or weekly captures right from their computer to get a regular read on network health.