Distech Controls, has announced the launch of Builder, a new cloud-based HVAC application and programming automation tool.

Builder will provide the Distech Controls network of systems integrators with an opportunity to simplify HVAC programming by automating the process via a standardised, state-of-the-art code library with pre-loaded code and the ability for full customisation of code. Systems integrators (SIs) need only to select their options in the Builder tool and download the corresponding sequence of operation, testing plan, points list and application code to be used with EC-gfxProgram, Distech Controls’ industry leading programming tool.

Builder makes collaboration easy as the created naming and programming standards can be shared with teams through this tool. Builder thereby allows technicians to have less programming knowledge for deployment whilst still maintaining high quality results.

In addition to being designed to work with the EC-gfxProgram, Builder is designed to work with the ECLYPSE Commissioning Solution for simple and seamless, out-of-the-box integration. “We are anticipating the Builder platform will help reduce the time traditionally taken to onboard new technicians, positively impacting project deployment time and helping SIs increase their efficiencies on job sites,” said Eric Swiney, director of applications, Distech Controls. “Builder allows company standards to be created so application code is centralised which helps technicians to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction.”

Builder is currently available to all Distech Controls systems integrators. An explainer video about Builder is available to view on Distech Controls’ YouTube channel: