Carlo Gavazzi has launched a Rogowski coil solution for its EM210MV 3 phase energy meter for retrofit applications. The ROG4K Rogowski solution which most importantly does not require an external power supply or external integrator makes installations faster and simpler, thanks to the meter’s self-power supply from the voltage reference inputs, automatic phase detection with wrong-phase-sequence warning and fast application-oriented programming procedure.

Current measurements are carried out by means of a ROG4K flexible current sensor which has a hole diameter from 115mm to 275mm and can measure a primary current from 20 to 4000Amps and guarantees Class 1 accuracy. It includes 3 coils in different colours to simplify the work of the installer and a secondary cable terminal with tag of the same coil colour to simplify and minimize wiring errors.
The EM210MV series offers single phase variables such as THD, Neutral current and hour counter to link the energy consumption to the relevant working hours as well as, compatibility with the CTV versions. Available in 2 input voltage ranges MV53 or MV63 and 333mV current signal as well as the new Rogowski cables.
The EM210 MV has a selection of variables which can be programmed providing for active and reactive energy measurement or a complete set of 3-phase variables from 6 application options. Options include: system variables such as W, var, PF, Hz and phase-sequence; single-phase variables including A, PF and THD (A, V, up to 15th Harmonic); relevant phase to phase and phase to neutral voltages and phase currents. The THD can be enabled or disabled by the user. The EM210 can also calculate and display the neutral current instantaneous value.