Carlo Gavazzi has launched the XAP 1.0, the latest compact controller and gateway with embedded IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) for seamless connection of multiple and various devices and sub-systems.

Using the standard IEC 61131 CODESYS the XAP supports network stacks and local I/O expandability and provides easy programming while the configurable web interface makes it an outstanding web HMI, and has easily programable graphic pages, functions and protocols. The two ethernet ports offer network segregation for WAN/LAN.

The XAP is simple to connect to other devices as it offers multiple standards such as CODESYS, OPC, UA, KNX IP and BACnet as well as data distribution via MQTT; whilst the Linux-based operating system is designed to be resistant to surveillance and interference whilst the HTTPS provides secure web server access.

By providing internet and web-serving capability, the XAP together with UWP provides integrated control and supervision to ensure optimisation of both lighting and HVAC applications in your building which can dramatically decrease your energy usage.