Amodal says it is looking at challenging the existing routes to providing clients, including tier one contractors and major developers, with building information to provide a more efficient route to lifecycle, cost and asset management.

Speaking on what makes Amodal different to the status-quo, Michael Barber, director and co-founder says: “Managing information doesn’t have to be complicated or take a long time to make perfect. Creating a strong foundation (e.g. naming conventions), having good document control process and processing small changes can really make a difference. Other providers make the mistake of trying to boil the ocean. It’s too large a step change to quickly make, and we all know that people don’t like radical changes! Using our knowledge of best practices, we break it down to what will be of value to our clients, and deliver tangible outputs at specific milestones so this value can be seen.”

The company is aiming to deliver strategic foresight and building information lifecycle management to prepare its clients for today and the future.