Harvard Technology has unveiled the latest innovation in the CoolLED range, a range of programmable LED drivers.

The new programmable LED drivers range provides complete freedom to control the output power of an LED driver in any configuration, with drive current programming in 1mA step increments and smooth dimming options.
High performing and feature rich, the LED programmable driver range offers unparalleled efficiencies whilst also excluding the need to carry multiple variants as stock items.
Available in three driver footprints, the CLX, CLK and CLS, the range is suitable for a wide range of applications. Uniquely, the drivers can have the current programmed via the hardware, or the software for faster more accurate flexible currents.
The low profile software and RFID programmable CLX driver is initially available in 40W and 50W DALI variants. A highly efficient design provides fully isolated SELV output, low output ripple and can fully support dimming from 100% to 1%.
Suitable for a wide range of applications and fixture types, the CLK analogue software programmable driver delivers up to 33W of power and is initially available as 220-240V and 120V variants.