New research from Honeywell, in partnership with The Business Journals, documents an evolving sustainability landscape for commercial buildings — particularly office buildings — and outlines the top sustainability measures companies should take over the next year.

To understand how companies are approaching sustainability, the study surveyed almost 1,200 U.S. business executives who work for companies of 50 or more employees across a range of industries that include manufacturing, construction, logistics and retail, among others.

Eight of 10 surveyed businesses currently say they have sustainability initiatives in place. Leaders are realizing that making their buildings more energy efficient not only reduces building management and maintenance costs but also contributes to a healthier workplace and increases competitive advantages.

Property managers are reaping tangible benefits from making their buildings more sustainable — from reduced heating, cooling and operating costs to the ability to lure tenants with more environmentally friendly structures.

Honeywell’s survey also found that, of respondents who lease office space to tenants, 60% will invest in new technology to enhance sustainability in the next six to 12 months. In addition, 53% say they have discussions with new tenants about their sustainability goals.

To gain insight into the top priorities companies expect to take over the next year, and how companies and their executives view sustainability download the latest eBook in the Honeywell sustainability series here

Like energy, time is much too valuable to waste and that’s why it’s important to create a sustainability plan now — one that will help reduce resource consumption, avoid waste and comply with the changing environmental and governance requirements. Speak with a Honeywell sustainability expert to guide your organization on a path to a sustainable future.