ABB Smart Buildings has announced a range of new design and personalization features for its award-winning ABB tacteo KNX control element, for intelligent building management of luxury hotels, public buildings and high-end residential buildings.

Launched in 2018 ABB tacteo now comes with an extended range of colour choices and additional customization options designed to make the device even more individual.

In addition to the original black glass and white glass designs, there are now an extra 11 colour finishes to choose from: glass coral, glass avocado, glass purple, glass oyster, glass ocean, glass sun, glass rose, glass sand, glass stone, glass cloud and glass mocha.

New design-based configuration options are also available, with the customer now able to personalize their device using their own brand icons, fonts and logos, which can be placed freely on the glass surface for a completely unique appearance.

Thorsten Mueller, head of global product group building and home automation solutions for ABB Smart Buildings, comments on the latest ABB tacteo range additions: “ABB tacteo is one of the most user-friendly KNX control elements on the market and offers an interior design-led aesthetic like no other. So that designers can continue to integrate these panels into their most iconic interiors, it is important that we develop our products to make them customizable and aesthetically flexible in line with evolving interior design trends.

“There are now 13 glass colors in the ABB tacteo portfolio, all available at the same price point. To further personalize the control panels, customers can choose to customize the ABB tacteo sensors with fonts, icons and logos, which is of particular importance to the luxury hotel industry and public buildings sector.”

Functions such as heating, blinds, lighting of comfort scenes can be easily controlled from the user-friendly interface.