Distech Controls has launched a new range of wireless interfaces for modernising the spaces.

UNIWAVE is its latest range of contemporary wireless interfaces that combine all comfort parameters into a single interface.

“Our desire through this new range has been to propose a very modern solution in terms of product aesthetics, ease of use and on-board technologies. It also needed to answer the needs of the various stakeholders involved in the building,” comments Arthur Chrétien, product portfolio manager, Distech Controls.

The company says that architects will appreciate this product range due to its modern design and the option to select a colourway (black or white). It ensures they will not need to compromise between functionality and appearance.

The occupants will benefit from a unique interface that will control all the comfort parameters (temperature, ventilation, lighting and sunblinds) and, thanks to a customisable interface, they will enjoy a user experience that is fully adapted to the configuration of the area. They will be able to access all the information about their environment including the room name, the temperature, the humidity, etc.

The occupants will also be able to activate the predefined scenarios. For example, in a meeting room they will be able to activate a projection mode in a few clicks.

Integrators and installers will discover an aesthetic wireless interface that is easy to configure and install on any surface (glass, concrete or brick). With the wireless wall-mounted versions incorporating optional temperature and humidity sensors, the building will benefit from flexible sensors that can be easily moved.

Building owners will have access to a flexible and future-ready product that incorporates modern technology and is able to handle the ongoing evolution of the space.

These products are available as a wireless wall-mounted sensor or in a remote-control version for control directly from your desk. UNIWAVE is particularly suitable for areas where wiring is impossible, for retrofit projects or for areas that are often changed or reconfigured.