Legrand has refreshed and expanded its Bticino Classe 100 range.

With products to suit a variety of buildings, the Classe 100 range equips developers with affordable door entry solutions at every level. The standard two wire installation, across the stylish range means internal units can be easily installed into new developments as well as providing a quick and simple upgrade to be retrofitted in existing dwellings.

A cost-effective range that offers a multitude of benefits such as video feedback and connectivity with smartphones, Classe 100 provides an economical upgrade to door entry systems. Once installed, both the video and audio interfaces provide end users with brilliant functionality.

The hard keys to answer and hang up make for more positive engagement and simplicity of use, whereas the configurable keys allow for personalised, convenient accessibility for every occupant. For added ease of use, the handsets light and flash the appropriate buttons when in use, helping to guide the user and preventing the need to refer to a manual. On top of this, the 100X model enables end users to quickly and easily connect the handsfree unit to their smartphone for increased convenience and security.

Also available in a variety of kits to suit a number of applications, Classe 100 can be quickly implemented to suit a range of new and existing premises, such as schools, hospitals and reception areas as well as residential properties.