Carlo Gavazzi has launched a range of variable frequency drives. The RVPM range are specifically designed for HVAC applications to meet the efficiency regulations set by the standard EN14825.

Minimum energy performance requirements (MEPS) for heat pumps have demanded the use of variable speed scroll compressors to meet the required performance (SCOP, SEER) levels and well-chosen components can have a decisive impact on a product’s overall efficiency.

The RVPM is a variable frequency drive (VFD) for rotary and scroll compressors with permanent magnet (PM), brush­less direct current (BLDC) and induction (IM) motors. Equipped with both a sensor-less vector control (SLVC) for PM/BLDC compressors and a variable-voltage and frequency (V/f) control for IM compressors. Individual compressor models are already pre-configured, and a minimal set of parameters are required resulting in an easy and fast configuration.

Designed with either a heatsink or cold plate for heat dissipation. The cold-plate version is suited for heat pumps where installation space is limited and is equipped with various protection functions to protect the drive and the compressor during abnormal operating conditions, which can extend the lifetime of the compressor. It comes with an integrated mains filter to comply with residential EMC requirements and Modbus RTU communication enables real time status monitoring which improves efficiency and provides predictive maintenance as well as providing real-time data.

Typical applications include heat pumps, chillers, commercial air-conditioning, and commercial refrigeration cabinets and are CE and UK CA certified.