Samsung has introduced The Frame, a TV designed for your space. The Frame is a window into a world of art; a gallery of your fondest memories; a connection to the things that matter most. The Frame is a TV that elegantly enables you to make any space your own.

The Frame

The perfect mode for any mood

Sit back and imagine a beautiful TV that allows you to display up to 100 pieces of stunning art or your own cherished photos.

Outstanding detail day or night

By detecting ambient light, the Brightness Sensor automatically balances brightness and colour tone to perfectly match a traditional piece of art.

A frame to complete every picture

Match your space and your artwork with a choice of customisable and simple to attach magnetic bezels.

A specially curated collection of art

The Frame comes with the Samsung Collection, a professionally-curated collection of 100 works of art from 37 renowned artists spanning 10 genres. You'll find stunning photography, paintings, drawings, and digital works selected to complement a wide variety of tastes and decors, all built-it.

Becoming a collector of art has never been easier

Just step into the online Art Store and explore extraordinary works from internationally recognised artists and world-class galleries in your home. You can purchase art individually or subscribe monthly* to ensure your personal collection is always fresh. Visit for details.

The Frame completes any picture

Designed to be indistinguishable from a modern picture frame in every detail, The Frame is able to seamlessly blend with any room decor.

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