Mitie has published a new white paper exploring how intelligent workplaces can boost the UK’s productivity.

The study, which is entitled ‘Why the intelligent workplace is the missing piece of the productivity puzzle’, looks at the productivity problems facing the UK. The paper also explores how creating intelligent workplaces can be a solution to boosting productivity and can help to drive sustainable growth in the UK economy.
Key findings from the intelligent workplace report include:

  • The UK’s productivity lags behind almost all other G7 nations - a UK worker now has to work five days to produce the same output as a French worker does in four
  • Academic research shows a clear link between the workplace and people’s performance
  • Factors such as CO2 levels, lighting, humidity, temperature, space utilisation, movement and noise all impact on employee productivity.
  • Technology is available to monitor factors impacting productivity and adjust them to create the optimum working environment.

Mitie has been working with Red Bull Racing to optimise the working conditions at their factory HQ in Milton Keynes. Mitie monitors variables such as air quality, light levels, humidity and the effect on both machinery manufacturing processes and human performance.
Collecting this real-time data gives Red Bull Racing a better understanding of the working environments within the factory, allowing Mitie to optimise them for enhanced performance.